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William Peet, ca. 1923

Marguerite Peet, ca. 1941

Jeanette Peet, ca. 1943

Lt. Col. Herbert O. Peet,

Charles O. Foster, 1965















Margot Peet produced numerous portraits of her friends, acquaintances, nationally known dignitaries such as General George Marshall, and her immediate family. Represented in the exhibition are portraits of six generations of the Peet family, which she painted in oil or rendered in pastel between 1923 and c. 1993. The earliest is the portrait of William Peet, her husband's grandfather, who founded the Peet Brothers' Company. Her muscular handling of oil paint in this work was influenced by her studies with Randall Davey at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1922-23. Her portrait of Albert William Peet, her husband's father, represents the second generation. The portrait of her husband, Herbert O. Peet, represents the third generation. For many of the more intimate portraits she produced, Margot Peet chose the medium of oil pastel -- as she did when she drew her two daughters Marguerite and Jeannette, who represent the fourth generation. The fifth generation portraits record the likenesses of the artist's four grandchildren: Reginald Candler Foster, Herbert Peet Foster, Adam Rockwood Foster, Charles Orin Foster. Among the last works Margot Peet produced, at age 88, is the pastel portrait of Kate, My Great Grandchild, a sixth generation member of the Peet family.


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